About Journal

  • Chinese Journal of Agrometeorology
    (Monthly, Started in 1979)

         Chinese Journal of Agrometeorology, formerly known as Agricultural Meteorology before 1988, is an academic journal for practitioners in agriculture and related industries, edited and published by the Editorial Department of CJA,sponsored by Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (formerly known as the Agrometeorology Research Institute,CAAS). Co-sponsored by:China Agrometeorology Society, Co-Sponsored by Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies (CAASS). Prof. Mei Xu-rong is Chairman of the Board and Editor-in-Chief. CJA is published Monthly in Chinese with English title, abstract and reference.
         Chinese Journal of Agrometeorology commits to find experience and methods in sufficiently utilizing local climate and weather conditions to promote agricultural production, preventing and reducing agricultural disasters through studying the current characteristics and change laws of local climate resources, and the relationship among climate conditions and the production of agriculture, forestry and aquaculture and natural disasters such as crop diseases and insect pests, drought and waterlog, etc.

         CJA publishes original research articles, research report and peer-review about the influence of climate resources, climate change and environment factors on agriculture,forestry and fisheries. Articles discuss scientific problems about regional climate change, agricultural meteorological disaster, drought and saving-water agriculture, farmland microclimate,etc.

    There are six sections in CJA:
        Agroclimatic Resources and Climate Change
        Agrobiological Meteorology
        Agrometeorological Disaster
        Application of Information Technology
        Agrometeorological Information